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Sorensen Fellowship 2011

Calliope Desenberg '12
Internship with the Centro de Estudios para la Paz in San Jose, Costa Rica
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Calliope majored in Social Justice and Social Policy and minored in Women's and Gender Studies. 

Jessye Kass '13
Internship with the Attukwei Art Foundation in Ghana
Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts
Jessye majored in Anthropology and African and Afro-American Studies and minored in Social Justice and Social Policy. 

Sarah Michael '12
Internship with Children's Association for Maximum Potential in Texas
Hometown: Keller, Texas
Sarah majored in Health: Science, Society, and Policy.

Shani Rosenbaum '12
Internship with the Hotline for Migrant Workers in Tel Aviv
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Shani majored in Near Eastern and Jusaic Studies and minored in Creative Writing.

Piyawat "Paul" Sukijthamapan '13
Internship with the Bairo Pite Clinic in East Timor 
Hometown: Central Thailand
Paul majored in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. 

Sarah Van Buren '13
Internship with Wildflower Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Sarah majored in Biochemistry and International & Global Studies and minored in Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies.