Summer Earnings Replacement Grant

The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life is delighted to announce the Summer Earnings Replacement Grant for those accepted to the Sorensen Fellowship. Students who need to work to save money over the summer may not have been able to consider applying for unpaid internships, even with programs that cover airfare and living expenses – until now.

Applicants for the Sorensen Fellowship may apply for this need-based grant of up to $1,500 as partial replacement for what they would have earned at a summer job. This grant is in addition to the merit-based award all Sorensen Fellows receive to cover internship-related costs ($4,000 for international internships, $3,500 for US-based internships).

Grant decisions for accepted Sorensen Fellows will be based on need, determined by the Sorensen Fellowship program in collaboration with the Office of Student Financial Services. Requesting a Summer Earnings Replacement Grant does not affect your Sorensen Fellowship application, which will continue to be need-blind. Receiving the grant will also not affect your Brandeis University financial aid package in the year in which the grant is received, but simply replaces the summer savings expectation, which is part of the financial aid package calculations for all Brandeis students. If you have extenuating circumstances that are not reflected in your financial aid package, please explain to the Office of Student Financial Services.

You will be notified about the status of your grant request when you learn whether you have been accepted as a Sorensen Fellow. Grant funds will be paid at the end of the summer, pending satisfactory completion of Sorensen Fellowship requirements. Please be aware that this grant may be taxable under U.S. law; consult a tax advisor and financial aid advisor with questions.

This grant is made possible thanks to the generosity of Ethics Center Board Member Gillian Sorensen, former United Nations official and spouse of the late Theodore C. Sorensen (for whom the Sorensen Fellowship is named).