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Keynote Address by Hans Corell

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Brandeis Institute for International Judges 2002

Selected comments from participants

"It was an invaluable opportunity in the midst of our lives, dominated by heavy caseloads, to pause, think, reflect and discuss... I enjoyed the interplay of thought and discussion between people of such different backgrounds. So many differences and yet so much in common."

Judge John Hedigan, European Court of Human Rights

"The seminar should be regarded, in my view, as a very successful event. The approach chosen, which resulted in alternating sessions on general and philosophical problems with those focused on more technical subjects, was extremely positive. It favoured a wide and open debate, touching upon numerous delicate basic issues with which judges, but especially international judges, are confronted daily."

Judge Fausto Pocar, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

"I found the programme as arranged by the Brandeis Institute for International Judges a valuable, interesting and rewarding experience. International judges were given the opportunity of engaging in serious discussions on several issues that are for the most part of common concern. The BIIJ made an excellent selection of topics for this meeting... and some interesting debates took place on certain basic jurisprudential issues."

Judge Dolliver Nelson, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

"The Institute provided the judges with shared language for talking and reflection, in concrete terms, about how their work impacts on strategies designed to meet challenges in law posed by developments in the twenty-first century."

Judge Mehmet Güney, Appeals Chambers for the International Criminal Tribunals of the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

The Brandeis Institute for International Judges 2002 was funded by the Rice Family Foundation.