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In Case of Emergency

Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.:

  • Call 781-736-8500

Before or After Hours:

  • Call 781-736-5000

General Safety Guidelines

Do not prop or otherwise alter outside doors to stay open unattended. By doing this you compromise the rights and safety of fellow residents. If you have a specific situation that requires you to prop open a door, please contact your resident advisor or quad director in advance.

Do not place your bed or other furniture directly on or next to a heater. Keep items at least 12" away. Keeping items closer than 12" to the heater reduces heating efficiency and also creates a fire hazard.

Do not overload electrical circuits. If you must use an extension cord, purchase one with a built-in surge protector to reduce the chance of fire. This type is available at the campus bookstore for your convenience.

Do not touch fire equipment except in a fire emergency. This includes sprinkler heads and smoke detectors. If an alarm sounds, state law requires all occupants of the given area to evacuate until notified by the fire department or police department to return.

Do not store or use flammable liquids inside buildings.

Do not use air conditioners without proper university authorization.

Do not use hot pots, indoor grills, toaster ovens or hot plates in individual student rooms or lounges.

Do not throw items from windows, stairwells, ledges, etc.

The use of candles is prohibited in all residence halls except during religious holidays. Please contact the Chaplaincy at x63570 for specific policies regarding the use of candles for religious holidays.

Keep debris and personal items out of all stairwells and other emergency exit paths.