Roshelle Savdie

Roshelle SavdieRoshelle Savdie is a senior from San José, Costa Rica, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Business. She is an active student leader at Brandeis: she is a Student Ambassador for the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) and a Roosevelt Fellow for Academic Services. Roshelle has also served as the Social Coordinator for Brandeis Student Events and volunteered as an English Language tutor in Waltham. While at Brandeis, she studied abroad and completed two internships in Sydney, Australia.

Roshelle was the only student from Latin America in her cohort of Gateway Scholars [2014]. Looking back on that summer, she recalls: “During the first weeks, it was a little bit awkward, but then I found my place. It was really nice to be here. I loved the people, who I wouldn’t have met on my own”. During that summer, Roshelle learned how to write an academic paper in English, a skill that she found very useful throughout her four years at Brandeis. She also learned how to interact with her professors in English. Roshelle had attended a small Jewish school in Costa Rica and had close relationships with her teachers there, but she was nervous about speaking with her Brandeis professors in English. At the beginning of the Gateway Scholars Program, she was hesitant to speak with her teachers outside class, but was encouraged to do so. She became more comfortable speaking with professors in English and realized that it was very important for her success.

Throughout her four years at Brandeis, Roshelle has been very involved in the campus community and has helped many new students adjust to college life. Roshelle says, “I always like to help new students because it was very hard for me at the beginning.” As a Student Ambassador for ISSO, she helps international students understand complex immigration and visa issues, and mediates conversations between students and the ISSO staff. As a Roosevelt Fellow for Academic Services, she advises first-year students and coordinates events to facilitate student and faculty relationships. Roshelle draws on her own experience as a Gateway Scholar in both of these positions, and encourages her peers to push themselves out of their comfort zone and take advantage of opportunities at Brandeis, just as she was taught to do during Gateway.

Roshelle will graduate with a BA in May 2018, and she will stay at Brandeis for another year to complete an MA in International Economics and Finance at the International Business School.