Shuying Huang

Shuying HuangShuying Huang is a senior at Brandeis from Beijing, China, pursuing a double major in Politics and Economics with minors in Legal Studies and International and Global Studies. During her time at Brandeis, she has served as Teaching Assistant for the Economics Department, interned for political campaigns and a state senator, and studied abroad in London.

Shuying spent the summer between her sophomore and junior years interning for the Blue Lab, an organization that manages political campaigns in New England. She heard about the internship through the Politics Department at Brandeis and decided to applybecause she wanted to get real world experience. She says, “I wanted to get more experience in politics, rather than just reading textbooks. In class we talk about theories, but I got to see how people react to politics.” Shuying was the only non-American intern with the group that summer and knew less about American politics and culture than her fellow interns. However, she was expected to do the same work as her peers, which included making cold calls, canvassing voters, conducting research for clients, and participating in group meetings.

“You’re there, you have to do the job. You have to do whatever they ask you to do because you’re a team,” Shuying recalls. Luckily, the Gateway Scholars Program had prepared her well for this experience. During the seven weeks in Gateway Summer 2014, Shuying practiced stepping out of her comfort zone and became more confident talking to native English speakers. Whenever Shuying felt nervous speaking to potential voters or to clients during her internship, she thought back to Gateway.  Shuying says, “the biggest thing Gateway did for me was to push me to speak. You learn how to talk and how to deal with any emotional impact it has on you. [During the internship] I knew what to expect when I was pushed to talk about things I’m familiar with or people I don’t know.”

Now that she is nearing graduation, Shuying is planning her next steps. After studying politics and working in the field, Shuying wants to be a lawyer. She will spend the next year studying for the LSAT and applying to law schools. She also has some advice for new Gateway Scholars. Shuying encourages them to keep a positive attitude, even when it’s difficult, and to know that the Gateway Scholars Program will help them in the long run.