Above: Members of the audience lined up at the microphone to ask questions of panelists and contribute to the debate about the future of American Jewry, Brandeis University, November 17, 2015.

Influenced By Education 

How does Jewish education (both formal and informal) influence a young person's ongoing participation and engagement in Jewish life?

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The Future of the Jews

Alumni Profile:
Phillip Brodsky

Student Profile:
Naomi Rosenfeld

Student Profile:
Sara E. Miller

Student Staff Profile:
Leah Newman


Online Panel Discussion
Effective Engagement: Millennial Children of Interfaith Families

Tel Aviv: Social Gathering for Alumni

Alumni Talk about their Education at Hillel GA2015

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Kraft Seminar 2015

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Impact Newsletter | December 2015

The Future of the Jews event, Brandeis University, November 17, 2015

The Future of the Jews 


THE FUTURE OF THE JEWS has worried us for centuries, said Professor Jonathan D. Sarna, Chair of the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program at Brandeis University, at a recent Hornstein-sponsored panel discussion titled “The Future of the Jews: One ‘Statement on Jewish Vitality,’ Six Brandeis Opinions.” 

“That fear of disappearing is a good thing,” he said. “It motivates us, generation after generation, to innovate and work hard.”

“The Future of the Jews” panel discussion was held in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall at Brandeis University on the evening of November 17, 2015. It was organized as a follow-up to the controversial... Continue reading> 

Influenced By Education 

   How does Jewish education (both formal and informal) influence a young person's ongoing participation and engagement in Jewish life?

In this newsletter we profile Hornstein alumni Phillip Brodsky, Executive Director of The David Project; two current students, Naomi Rosenfeld and Sara Miller, who are graduating in May and preparing for the next chapter in their careers; and Hornstein student staff Leah Newman, a junior at Brandeis.

We also summarize two recent Hornstein Program events, “The Future of the Jews: One ‘Statement on Jewish Vitality,’ Six Brandeis Opinions,” a panel discussion on November 17, 2015 and "Effective Engagement: Millennial Children of Intermarriage," an online panel discussion for Hornstein alumni on November 30, 2015.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Impact.

Alumni Profile

Phillip Brodsky 

on Israel, Youth Engagement,
and How To Answer Tough Questions 

Phillip Brodsky

IT WAS JUST AFTER the Second Intifada started that Phillip Brodsky, then 18, returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina after a summer program in Israel.

“Places I had just been to were now in the news for the worst reasons and it was very disturbing. It was very hard for me to go back to high school, back to America, after such an awesome experience there,” remembers Phil.

In 2000 when there was violence in Israel, rallies flared in America. “There were rallies in Charlotte when I got home,” he says. “But for me it was now personal. ‘What about me?’ I asked myself. ‘What's my rally?’”

“So I organized..." Continue reading>

Read more
  In His Own Words:
  An Interview with Phillip Brodsky>


Student Profile

Naomi Rosenfeld 

A Jewish Professional Shaped by
Her Community... and a Community
Shaped by a Jewish Professional

Naomi Rosenfeld

HOW DO YOU HELP small pockets of isolated groups of people—Jewish students on college campuses in this case—feel connected to the larger community? That’s what Naomi Rosenfeld MA/MBA’16 set out to do as Director of Hillel Atlantic Canada where she worked before starting her graduate work at the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program at Brandeis University.

“It was a challenge,” admits Naomi. “I was the only..."
Continue reading>

Read more
  In Her Own Words:
  An Interview with Naomi Rosenfeld

Student Profile

Sara E. Miller

on the Arts, Education, 
& Her Vision of a Better World

Sara E. Miller

THE ARTS, AN EDUCATOR'S MINDSET, and Jewish roots play largely into Sara Miller’s outlook on life. She came to Brandeis University as an undergraduate student knowing she would find strong Jewish studies and music departments.

“I was set on majoring in NEJS (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies) when I began as a first-year student at Brandeis,” says Sara.

“Especially since I didn't go to day school, I didn't have a solid grounding in Jewish texts. I was that kid who enjoyed going to religious school and paid attention…"
Continue reading>

Read more
  In Her Own Words:
  An Interview with Sara E. Miller> 

Student Staff Profile

Leah Newman

on Spring Study Abroad and her
Great-Grandfather's Dream of a
Jewish University in America

Leah Newman

LEAH IS A JUNIOR AT BRANDEIS University majoring in American Studies and History and minoring in Journalism. She has worked at the Hornstein Program for two years, providing office and research assistance to staff and faculty.

Leah will be studying in London in spring 2016 as part of the Boston University London Internship Program. There she will be taking courses and working as a public relations intern at a boutique brand consultancy agency.

Continue reading for an excerpt of a paper Leah wrote for Professor Jonathan Sarna's class, "American Judaism." The paper, "From Menorah University to Brandeis University: Universalist Values in a Jewish Context," reflects on Rabbi Louis I. Newman, Leah's great-grandfather, and his vision for a Jewish university in America.


Hornstein Alumni
Online Panel Discussion 

Hornstein alumni online panel discussion: Engagement, millennial children of interfaith families

Insights and Programs & Policy Recommendations for Effective Engagement: Millennial Children of Interfaith Families

"IT'S BEEN FIFTY YEARS SINCE [the now defunct] Look magazine had its cover story about the vanishing American Jew,” said Professor Leonard Saxe at a recent online panel discussion on the topic of millennial children of intermarriage organized by David Manchester MA/MBA’15 and Meredith Grabek MA/MBA’15.

After it came out, “the issue of intermarriage became one of the central foci of discussion, debate, and concern in the American Jewish community. Much of that debate was informed by a few factoids, like the infamous fifty two percent intermarriage rate reported by the 1990 Jewish population study, and by anecdotes and non-systematic information,” he said.

“Nobody had looked closely, before now, at exactly what happens to the children of intermarriage..." Continue reading>

Hornstein Alumni & Student
Social Gathering, Tel Aviv

Hornstein alumni with students #kraft2015

Pictured above standing, from left: Shoshana Feldman-Ganor MA'95, Judy Feierstein MA'75, Josie Zaldin Arbel MA'78, Yana Drozdovski MA/MBA'13, Joe Hyams MA/MBA'15, Jeremy Bandler MA/MM'99. Seated from, from left: Rachel Canar MA'00 and  Yishai Ashkenazi MA/MBA'09.

While Hornstein students are in Israel for the annual Kraft Seminar this December, Hornstein alumni living in Israel joined students for an evening of music, refreshments, and conversation. (Watch our Facebook page for more pictures.)

Special thanks to Yana Drozdovski MA/MBA'13, Rachel Canar MA'00, Jeremy Bandler MA/MM'99, Josie Zaldin Arbel MA'78, and Yishai Ashkenazi MA/MBA'09 for planning and promotion!

Look for more news from David Manchester MA/MBA'15 and Meredith Grabek MA/MBA'15 about social networking events for alumni planned for the spring in Boston, New York City, and Florida.

If you'd like to help organize an alumni social gathering in your area, let us know. We're happy to provide assistance. 

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Hornstein Alumni Talk about their Education with Hillel Staff at the Hillel General Assembly!

Jay Lewis, Tslil Shtulsaft, Hannah Sherman and Ira Blum at the Hillel GA, Dec. 2015

Hornstein alumni Jay Lewis MA'95, Tslil Shtulsaft MA/MBA'13, Hannah Sherman MA/MA'14, and Ira Blum MA/MA'13 spent the afternoon of December 15 talking to Hillel staff about their Hornstein education. The event was the annual Hillel General Assembly, this year in Orlando, Florida. 

"This was my first Hillel Global Assembly and it greatly surpassed my expectations," says Tslil. "Hundreds of Hillel professionals from around the globe met for four days that were filled with highly informative breakout sessions, awe inspiring keynote speakers, and non-stop networking. The food wasn't too shabby either!"

We thank alumni for their particpation, and Hillel International for the opportunity to work together.  

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Preview: #Kraft2015

Hornstein students are in Israel for the Hornstein Program's annual Kraft Seminar. Their first full day was Tuesday, December 22 in Tel Aviv.

Follow their journey on our Facebook page.  

Tel Aviv Kraft Seminar 2015

December 21: Looking out over the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead! #Kraft2015

This issue of Impact was conceptualized and produced by
Claire Pavlik Purgus, program manager at the Hornstein Program, who also conducted the interviews. Articles not otherwise signed were written by Claire.

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