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2014: Moldova & Ukraine 

From February 16-23, 2014, six second-year Hornstein students were joined by Hornstein Professor Mark Rosen and staff member Rise Singer for an intensive study tour of contemporary Jewish life and history in Chishinau, Moldova and Odessa, Ukraine.

The group met with organizational and thought leaders, Jewish peer groups, and visited historical sites in Chishinau and Odessa.

In the students' daily blog, participant, Noah Zaves MA/MBA'14, describes one afternoon in Odessa:

After an extensive tour of the city (I even saw the Black Sea for the first time!), we met with local young adult leaders at Odessa’s JCC Beit Grand. They work with youth and young adult engagement, so we split up into “interest groups” to discuss camping, grassroots organizing, youth outreach, and Aliyah. I was fascinated to discover that we all experience similar challenges, despite our continental differences, but I also learned a lot from hearing about their programs, and they from mine. It was an incredibly practical and useful session, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again at Shabbat dinner. Today was a day for stretching boundaries, both mental and physical, and I’m excited for our remaining three days here in Odessa!

BrandeisNow featured Ukrainian Hornstein student Yuliya Serebryana's personal perspective on the trip.