Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Justice Brandeis Semester?

Q. Why is the University offering the JBS program?

What is the Justice Brandeis Semester?

A Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) is an engaging, immersive academic program in which small groups of students explore a thematic topic through inquiry-based courses linked to real-world experiential opportunities such as internships, field-based research, creative work or community-engaged learning. 

JBS is an exciting program where students will:

  • gain real-world experience through experiential learning that will enhance your career and make you a more competitive candidate for the work-force when you graduate
  • build close relationships with professors and small groups of students

Why is the University offering the JBS program?

The JBS program represents some of the best elements of undergraduate education at Brandeis. It fosters strong relationships between faculty members and students in an intimate learning setting. Students will have the unique opportunity to delve into a particular topic through course work and experiential learning, while not being confined to a typical class schedule. Exploration of the program theme will be further enriched by the multitude of perspectives that the small group of students and faculty contribute. This is an exciting opportunity for students and another example of the University’s innovative approach to education.  


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