Class Correspondent

Bernie Liebowitz has published two books that reflect his many years of practice as a psychologist and management consultant. The first book, “Succeeding at the Top,” outlines the issues that newly appointed CEOs and C-level executives should consider to avoid the fate of most CEOs — early dismissal. His second book, “The Family in Business: The Dynamics of the Family Owned Firm,” describes some of the issues that prevent family businesses from succeeding into the next generation. He has begun a third book on executive coaching, dealing with the mental models governing how coaches work with clients. Harvey Pressman reports that the Central Coast Children’s Foundation, which he and his wife, Sarah, established in Monterey, Calif., is now 10 years old. He writes, “We think we have learned some useful lessons about making effective philanthropic investments both locally and internationally. Becoming a philanthropist has proved a useful antidote to our culture’s tendency to relegate us altacockers to the dustbin of irrelevancy.” Harvey would be happy to provide free advice and counsel to help fellow alums who might be interested in starting their own foundations, and he asks those in medical professions to check out his patient communication website and let him know if they want to get involved.
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