Class Correspondent

Greetings, ’76ers. I know you’re out there doing amazing things, and we’re just not hearing from enough of you. So please send in your updates so that we can keep in touch.

Pattie Weiss Levy writes, “After a long career as a journalist, I started a weekly blog last year. In June, I wrote about attending our recent 35th Reunion at Brandeis — something I did despite, I must confess, a lingering sense of reluctance, misgivings, trepidation, angst and other feelings that are extremely distant cousins to eagerness and enthusiasm (did I happen to mention angst?). So, how did it go? Did I change my tune? Read all about it at (And if you were there and have any photos that include me, please send them. It’s never too late. Yes, I mean you, Dov. I’m still waiting!)” Steven Foster has lived and worked in Portland, Ore., for the last 34 years. A clinical social worker in an early intervention program, he works primarily with children and families who have significant emotional and behavioral concerns. “I play on the floor a lot,” he writes. He recently co-authored a book, “Positive Discipline for Children With Special Needs.
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