Class Correspondent

It’s been an eventful year. In May, my daughter, Sydney, became a bat mitzvah. I’m involved with the Alumni Club of Washington, D.C., and saw Dan Levin and his wife at an event. My dear friend Rob Levy and his family came for dinner this summer. If you’re in D.C., please look me up.

Former Brandeis baseball player Mike 
Wiseman’s son Rhett is the proverbial “chip off the old block.” Rhett, a senior at Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Mass., hit .447 in the spring with 11 home runs and 29 stolen bases. He has already been offered a baseball scholarship to Vanderbilt and was invited to participate in the Baseball Classic All-Star Game, which features the 38 best high school-age baseball prospects to likely become eligible for the Major League Baseball draft in 2012. Miles Liss is a middle school special ed teacher in northern Virginia and writes poetry. He recently completed a manuscript of poetry and is sending it out to various publishers. Melissa Hafter works as a tutor in Colorado Springs, Colo. She writes, “I built a deck this summer and then headed to Mexico with the kids. I continue to raise them as bilingual little wonders! I saw Alex Skovronek and Jodi Freedman ’90 the other day and we enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit. I’m starting to plan for our 25th Reunion, as it will be my brother Michael’s 30th and we might attend together.” Dan Levin lives in Takoma Park, Md. He teaches science teachers and researches science teaching and learning at the University of Maryland. He and his wife, Gemma Flamberg, have a son, Noah, 10. Dan enjoys coaching baseball, playing music and doing Tae Kwon Do. Terry Sack reports that he still does real estate (brokering and developing) and coaches a lot of baseball. Debra O’Connell lives in Bethesda., Md., and has two kids — Annie (middle school) and Greg (elementary school). She writes, “I work at a linguistics firm as director of business development. I’m the only one who speaks only one language, but they needed a Brandeis English major to write proposals. I have been running with other crazy, like-minded people for years. Since officially becoming a Southerner in 
the mid-’90s, I have come up to my old stomping grounds to run the Boston Marathon twice.” Gary Young is an attorney at 
Keating O’Gara in Lincoln, Neb., where he grew up. His practice focuses on labor disputes and labor law, including representing a wide variety of public-sector trade unions in collective bargaining. After passing the exam to become a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, the professional institute of urban land-use planners, 
Andrea Goldoff Dorlester was promoted to senior planner and assigned to the interdisciplinary team of Fairfax County (Va.) planners working on the transformation of Tysons Corner from a suburban office park to a transit-oriented, mixed-use city. Gary 
Pelletier was named chairman of the 
board of managers for the Together Rx Access Program, a prescription savings program sponsored by many of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Gary also serves as director and team leader for Pfizer Helpful Answers, a family of programs to help the uninsured and underinsured get access to Pfizer medicines for free or at a savings. He previously served as vice chair of Together Rx Access.
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