Class Correspondent

Class of 1960, let’s hear from you! Have you celebrated a special event? (Milt and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in June.) Have you published a book? I noticed that the Class of 1974 had two full pages of information about class members in the summer edition of Brandeis Magazine.

Leanore Friedland Ickstadt’s new book, “Dancing, Out of Germany,” tells the story of dancers who were forced to leave Germany in the 1930s and struggled to build new lives in the United States. Leanore, who first traveled to Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship and has lived there since 1963, brings a unique perspective to the challenges these dancers faced. Her own struggles provide a mirror through which the struggles of her counterparts are reconstructed and imaginatively reinvented, revealing new aspects of Weimar Germany and of the United States in the ’40s and ’50s
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