Class Correspondent

Jennifer (Luftig) Singer launched “Year 32” in September 2010. She selected one fear to overcome or life goal to achieve every month for a year. Jennifer lost her mother to brain cancer when she was only 14 months old and in 2010 turned 32, the age of her mother when she died. Jennifer’s adventures included zip-lining and shadowing a professional chef. Gastroenterology specialist Maria Livshin joined the medical staff at the Cambridge Health Alliance in Massachusetts.

Wedding of Sherrie Golda Neustein and Yaakov Orzel
Brandeis alumni attended the wedding of Sherrie Golda Neustein ’00 and Yaakov Orzel. Pictured (left to right): front, Amy Kohen ’03, Amy Fisher ’00, Leora Botnick ’00, Sherrie and Yaakov; middle, Adina Gluckman ’01, Sally Schuss ’01 and Jill Virag ’01; back, Cheryl Turk Ginsburg ’01, Tamara Beliak Neumeier ’00, Bob Yoon ’98, Dan Sichel ’00, Rachel Miller Margolin ’03, Alexandra Cooper ’00 and Marti Davidson Sichel.
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