BrandeisNOW transforms how university news and information is shared across campus and on the Web

WALTHAM, Mass. (Oct. 1, 2008) – Brandeis University’s Office of Communications, in conjunction with the Library and Technology Services division, has launched BrandeisNOW, a Web site dedicated to shared distribution of news and information coming from the school’s campus.

The Web site features professionally produced news videos shot at Brandeis, which school officials say are breaking new ground in the way in which higher education shares information directly with its constituencies and a broader public audience. The videos, created by the Office of Communications’ media relations division, mirror what television stations themselves might film, edit and air, and focus on campus newsmakers, faculty members and their expertise, research projects and student work at the university. By posting the stories on the university’s Web site, Brandeis is tapping an existing audience and sharing fresh, consumer-friendly material with media outlets, prospective students and their families, government representatives, alumni and benefactors.

Simultaneously, the Office of Communications has created a channel on YouTube where the videos can also be watched by some of the millions of viewers who frequent that site. The Brandeis YouTube channel is accessible at

Two priority spots on the BrandeisNOW home page are reserved for news or information highlights of the day.

“The emphasis as we were designing and implementing this,” said Lorna Miles, senior vice president for communications, “was on creating a site where people could go any time of day to get the latest Brandeis news and information.”

The page skips the academic nuts and bolts types of things accessible from the university’s main page and instead showcases news headlines and information needed to do things like make plans or just stay informed about the many aspects of life, research, teaching and learning on campus. The site will allow members of the community to share their achievements, post announcements and events.

When necessary, the page will provide updates and alerts on how the university is coping with harsh weather conditions or emergency situations.

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