The Iranian economy in the shadow of the economic sanctions

Prof. Nader Habibi evaluates the impact of sanctions leveled against Iran in the Crown Center's latest Middle East Brief

WALTHAM, Mass. — Prof. Nader Habibi, the Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East, evaluates the impact of the international economic sanctions leveled against Iran in the context of its nuclear efforts in "The Iranian Economy in the Shadow of Economic Sanctions." He assesses this impact relative to other major forces acting on the Iranian economy, including: fluctuations in oil revenues, deeply rooted structural and institutional weaknesses, and the current Iranian government's economic policies. In spite of the economic mismanagement and structural weakness of the Iranian economy, the significant oil wealth has protected the citizens from feeling the sanction's full impact, according to Habibi.

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The full Middle East Brief Series can be accessed on the Crown Center's Web site.

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