Heller student focuses on Nepal's 'untouchables' in new film

Intercultural Center will host screening of 'Achhut' on Monday, April 27

Bimal Gadal

Film screening of the documentary “Achhut” followed by a conversation with the film’s maker, Bimal Gadal
Monday, April 27, 5:30 p.m.
Intercultural Center
Brandeis University

On Monday, April 27, the Intercultural Center (ICC) will host a screening of the documentary “Achhut.” The film provides an intimate look at the Terai Dalits, a socio-economically oppressed people in Nepal. “Achhut” literally translates as “Untouchables.” Following the screening, the documentary’s maker, Bimal Gadal, who belongs to the Dalit community in Nepal, will discuss the film.

“I have experienced discrimination personally,” Gadal said. “For centuries, Dalits have been classified as the lowest caste in society and ‘impure’ in religious terms, thus making us ‘untouchable.’ As a result, I have been fighting against all forms of social injustice and inequity all my life.”

Before coming to Brandeis, where he is currently a Master’s Degree candidate in Sustainable International Development at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Gadal worked for CARE International in Nepal as a Program Manager to promote human rights and social inclusion of Dalits. “I have produced this documentary with the objective to b"Achhut" screening posterring issues out so that the national and international community will have greater attention to address vulnerabilities of Dalits,” he said. Gadal hopes the April 27 screening will inform not only Brandeis students and faculty, but also journalists, activists and donor agencies to the Dalits plight.

“When we viewed ‘Achhut’ and had a conversation with Bimal about his work and life story as it relates to the documentary, it was both powerful and challenging,” said ICC director Monique Gnanaratnam.  “Showcasing the talents and the scholarly endeavors of our Brandeis University students is a part of the Intercultural Center's mission. The opportunity to introduce Bimal's work to those who have yet to experience it is an opportunity we did not want to lose.” 

This event is free and open to the public.

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