Students mentor children at local elementary school

The Waltham Group's new Junior Brandeis Achievers program was recently featured in the Daily News Tribune.

Read the Daily News Tribune story.

Junior Brandeis Achievers is a new addition to the Tutoring in Public Schools (T.I.P.S) program, and offers weekly after-school "club programming" for children at Stanley Elementary School on South Street in Waltham. This year, Brandeis students piloted music, science, origami, literature and Legomania clubs.

About the Waltham Group
The Waltham Group, founded in 1966, is a volunteer community service organization at Brandeis University. Hundreds of student volunteers participate in outreach programs on campus and throughout the greater Waltham and Boston communities. Through its tutorial, recreational, mentoring and other programs, the Waltham Group responds to the needs of children and adults in the community and is a center for service and advocacy. The Waltham Group provides students with a meaningful volunteer and educational experience that reaches beyond the university classroom.

About the Department of Community Service
The Department of Community Service is dedicated to providing students, faculty and staff with relevant volunteer experiences that match the needs of our neighbors and the skills and interest of our student volunteers. The department seeks to establish sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with local social service, governmental, educational and cultural agencies as we advise and support community service initiatives. Our endeavors include fostering a community member who is civically engaged as an advocate, volunteer, and educated citizen. Through experiential service opportunities, connections with the academy and intentional reflection we strive to embody the pillars of the institution and core values of the Division of Student Affairs.

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