E.J. Graff shines a light on the dark side of teen summer jobs

Her research finds that more than 200,000 teenagers are sexually assaulted at work each year

E.J. Graff

Boston’s WCVB-TV recently talked with E.J. Graff, the associate director and senior researcher for the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, about a troubling trend: teens being sexually harassed and even assaulted at their summer jobs. This was hardly news to Graff, whose research on teen sexual harassment in the workplace was originally highlighted in a 2007 article published in Good Housekeeping magazine and later featured in a NOW on PBS program on the issue. This latest WCVB report was generated, in part, by the Schuster Institute’s ongoing investigation into sexual harassment of teens in their after school, weekend, and summer jobs, which has found that teenagers are more in danger from sexual predators in the workplace than through the Internet.

Click here to view the WCVB-TV report.

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For more information on E.J. Graff’s investigation, visit the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism's Web site.

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