Redesigned BrandeisNOW debuts with new features

University news site gets new format, features and functionality

Brandeis has launched a redesigned university news site to better serve the needs of students, faculty and staff. Developed by the Office of Communications, the site offers more space for campus news and announcements, featured events, videos, slideshows and links to media coverage of Brandeis. As part of the project, nearly three years’ worth of stories have been converted to the new format.

In addition, the university will email a weekly news digest to all faculty, staff and students. The newsletter will contain summaries of newly published stories with links to the full content on BrandeisNOW. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter or opt-out from receiving future issues.

Other improvements include:

  • News stories will be tagged by topic to help readers find other content of interest.
  • Visitors will find a “suggest a story” link on every page to make it easy to submit story ideas.
  • The homepage will include prominent links to other Brandeis news sites.
  • Featured event listings will link to an interactive campus map that shows the location of the event on campus.
  • Older stories will be saved and organized in an easy-to-use archive.

BrandeisNow was designed and developed over the last four months with input from a steering committee that included faculty, staff and student representation. If you have suggestions or other feedback on the site, you may email it to

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