Oran Etkin '01 featured on Grammy-nominated album

'Healthy Food for Thought' to compete for Best Spoken Word Album for Children

Listen to the Grammy-nominated album “Healthy Food for Thought,” and you might hear a familiar voice and clarinet.

The recording, nominated this year in the Best Spoken Word Album for Children category, includes a track by Oran Etkin ’01. His “Unique Monique” is featured alongside music by Russell Simmons, Moby, Julian Lennon and Sweet Honey in the Rock.

“Healthy Food for Thought” is a benefit album meant to promote nutrition awareness. All proceeds benefit the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

The song features eight clarinets, on top of which Etkin recites a poem that teaches children about healthy eating. It showcases not only his award-winning work with musicians from Mali, but also his work with children through Timbalooloo, an organization he founded that helps children become musically proficient at an early age.

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast on Feb. 13.

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‘Unique Monique’

Visit Oran Etkin’s website to hear his contribution to the Grammy-nominated album

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