Special Collections Spotlight: French Revolution pamphlets, 1761 to 1807

Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections

The History of the Conversion of a Parisian Woman

The Special Collections Spotlight is currently showcasing French Revolution pamphlets, a collection of 94 documents published between 1761 and 1807. 

These pamphlets address politics, religious life, literature, intellectual life along with political tracts by prominent authors such as Thomas Paine, Jacques Necker, Mirabeau and King Louis XVI. Of particular note are two pamphlets written from the perspective of French catholic women, a group whose story is often overshadowed by traditional narratives of the French Revolution.

This collection represents an invaluable resource for any student of History, French and Francophone Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Religious Studies, Politics, Comparative Literature, English and more. Have a look at the Spotlight for details, written by Drew Flanagan, Archives & Special Collections Assistant and Ph.D. candidate in History.

Categories: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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