Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to honor 22 teaching fellows

Twenty-two teaching fellows in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) will be recognized at this year's Teaching Fellows Award reception on May 6. Earlier this month, GSAS asked each department to select recipients for the award based on their overall teaching excellence, student and course instructor evaluations and letters from faculty. The award recipients are:

Jodie Austin (English)

Meredith Bergey (Sociology)

Mark Bezpalko (Chemistry)

Winston Bowman (History)

Ryan Broderick (Mathematics)

Xiaochuan Cai (Chemistry)

Bryce Davenport (Anthropology)

Claudia Filos (Classical Studies)

Christian Gentry (Music Composition)

Lana Georgiou (Classical Studies)

Amy Hanes (Women's and Gender Studies)

Albert Hamood (Biology)

Jessica Hardin (Anthropology)

Paul Herron (Politics)

Vino Murugesan (University Writing Seminar)

Paula Musegades (Musicology)

Caitlin Myers (Cultural Production)

Elizabeth Perten (Musicology)

Shay Rabineau (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies)

Andreas Rauch (Physics)

Michael Strom (Psychology)

Kristen Sutherland (Anthropology)

Fan Zhao (Chemistry)

Albert Hamood will also receive the Pulin Sampat Memorial Award, and Michael Strom will receive the Verna Regan Award.

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