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Student-run magazine publishes second issue

"Brandeis International Journal"

Determined to bring global politics to the forefront of student conversation, Karia Sekumbo ’14 decided to implement his passion through media. His brainchild, Brandeis International Journal, will distribute its second issue Nov. 18.

“It is my personal belief that discussion is essential in fostering amicable relations between diverse peoples of the world,” Sekumbo wrote in the inaugural publication of the student-organized magazine, which deals specifically with issues regarding international politics and discourses on global events.

Sekumbo is double majoring in economics and international and global studies with a minor in politics.

“The students of Brandeis University hold the potential to shape future international relations and be the leaders of tomorrow,” says Sekumbo.  “For this reason it is important that we engage with one another on issues that persist around the world and look towards solutions.”

The first issue of the Brandeis International Journal, titled “Turmoil in the Arab World” was published after three months of effort on the part of Sekumbo and his team of undergraduate students, all with a passion for global politics. According to Sekumbo, the editors and contributors were widely supported by the International and Global Studies Department as well as the Crown Center for Middle East Studies, which were invaluable during fact-checking, editing and providing academic perspective.

The publication addresses political discussions on every continent, with dedicated sections for North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, in addition to the main theme of the magazine.

Sungtae Park ‘12, editor of the International Journal, says the inspiration for the first issue came from the ensuing events in the Middle East, beginning with the protests in Tunisia in December 2010 and the domino effect that they had in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

“We chose this particular avenue of discourse because it was one of the major events in global politics that year,” says Park. “It was also a turning point for international relations between many countries.”

The magazine included a timeline outlining the events of the Arab Spring, as well as interviews with Professor Wellington Nyangoni, undergraduate advising head and professor of African and Afro-American studies; and Professor Shai Feldman, the Judy and Sidney Swartz Director's Chair of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies and Professor of Politics. Both distinguished faculty members contributed their unique insights.

The November issue of the Brandeis International Journal is titled “Palestinian Statehood.” Members of the International Journal are holding an event on Nov. 18 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Mandel Reading Room. It will include a Q&A session with Professor Khalil Shikaki, a leading authority on Israeli-Palestinian issues, as well as an information session about how students can get involved with the International Journal.

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