Fair offers summer and full-time job opportunities

More than 50 employers will be recruiting in Levin Ballroom Wednesday

The end of the school year is looming, but it’s still not too late to snag a great summer internship or full-time post-graduation job. Co-sponsored by the Hiatt Career Center and the International Business School's Career Development Center the Just in Time Job and Internship Fair will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday in Levin Ballroom.

The fair is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students of all class years to meet with staff from more than 50 employers who are actively recruiting for immediate full-time positions and summer internships. Attending employers will represent diverse fields in the for-profit, non-profit and government sectors.

Similar to the Career and Internship Connections (CIC) that Brandeis students can attend over winter break, the Just in Time Fair will have two key components: a career fair in the morning, followed by opportunities for interviews in the afternoon.

“Jobs are up, hiring is up and salaries are up — but it can still be an anxious time for students,” says Joseph Du Pont, Dean of Career Services. “Fortunately those who are looking are generally finding something pretty good.”

Placement statistics for the Class of 2011 show that 95 percent of students either had full-time jobs, were in graduate school or were involved in other meaningful activities within six months of graduation.

Du Pont says that current hot fields among Brandeis students include computer science and start-ups.

“We’ve seen a bit of a movement away from the larger investment banks, although there are still many students who are interested in general business as well, which is helpful as our business major grows,” Du Pont said, adding that increasing numbers of students are going on to graduate schools and year -in- service programs, such as Peace Corp, Teach for America, Vista, AmeriCorps and City Year.

“Students want to keep their options open, so they do a couple of years of a program then reassess what they want to do long term,” says Du Pont.

The Just in Time fair isn’t the only way students can stay on track to find a job or internship.  The new Hiatt Crib Sheet Mobile App lets students stay current with Hiatt programs and events, career tips, networking opportunities and campus news. The app also provides real-world advice on topics like housing and insurance.

The Hiatt Center has also recently launched InterviewStream, a new interviewing software through which students can take part in mock interviews via webcam either at home or at the Hiatt Center, then get feedback from a career counselor, alum or an employer to further hone their interview skills.

Du Pont says that students can still find good internships through May, as there are about 700 postings for Brandeis students alone at any given time via B.Hired. In addition Brandeis is part of consortia that list thousands of postings at a time, like the Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC) and the Liberal Arts Career Network, (LACN), which encompasses approximately 30 elite liberal arts schools that pool their internships and full-time jobs.

The Just in Time Fair is not students’ last chance for a great opportunity, as the Hiatt Career Center remains open during the summer.

“This will be the last big event this academic year, but it’s certainly not too late to get summer employment or a full time job,” says Du Pont.

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