Zimmerman, Katz win business school awards

Professors honored during commencement weekend ceremonies

Business school teaching awards winners Marcia Katz (left) and Grace Zimmerman.

Grace Zimmerman and Marcia Katz have been honored with the 2012 Faculty Teaching Awards at Brandeis International Business School.

Zimmerman is a senior lecturer with an expertise in marketing, business strategy and entrepreneurship. Katz is director for career development at the International Business School, as well as an adjunct professor. Together, they were honored during commencement weekend.

Katz’s module course, “Launching Your Global Career,” has been credited with offering valuable assistance to students hoping to jump-start their futures in the global marketplace.

“Marcia wants us to succeed as career leaders,” said one student, “and this course ensures that we are pushed to our limits with practice in the content of our presentations, delivery, accent reduction, public speaking, resumes, cover letter, workshops, and lots and lots of encouragement.”

Zimmerman is no stranger to being honored for her instruction, being the recipient of Brandeis’ Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007. She also serves as the advising head for the undergraduate business program.

“Professor Zimmerman is generous with her time and feedback,” said one student. “She’s got a great sense of humor and it’s clear that she’s invested in her students.”

Over the past two semesters, Zimmerman has taught topics such as marketing management, branding strategy and sales management for over 150 students, many of whom have praised her enthusiasm, engagement and practitioner expertise.

“Her passion for marketing rubbed off on me and I caught the bug,” another student said. “She made me realize that marketing is a skill that can be used in everyday life, from selling yourself to a potential employer to starting your own company.”

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