Today Show visits campus to record Brandeis spirit

Students crowd Shapiro Campus Center to prove they've got what it takes

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Hundreds of students danced and cheered in front of rolling cameras to show their love for Brandeis for the 'Today' show's 'Kathie Lee and Hoda's College Challenge.'

For a few hours today, it seemed more like the day after finals than an ordinary September afternoon. With a "Today" show van parked at the Shapiro Campus Center, and Pit Bull pounding through enormous speakers, hundreds of students danced and cheered in front of rolling cameras to show their love for Brandeis.

Thanks to the efforts of student events chair Rachel Nelson '13, Reed Zukerman '13 and many others, Brandeis has emerged as one of six finalists in Kathie Lee and Hoda’s College Challenge, a contest created to see which college or university has the most school spirit. The "Today" show is conducting an online vote all week and the school that receives the most votes [vote here] will host Kathie Lee and Hoda, and their "Today" show crew for a one-hour campus broadcast on Oct. 1.


Sept. 21, 2012:
Watch Brandeis' College Challenge

entry on the 'Today" show.

A party and viewing of the filming will take place on Friday in Ridgewood Commons. The party will start at 10:30 a.m. and viewing will begin at 11 a.m.  Student Activities will supply donuts and coffee and encourage students to vote more.

“I’m so excited,” said Nelson, as she stood watching the students dance and toss blue rubber balls high in the air. “There are so many people here — we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. Everyone is pumped up. We have face paint, T-shirts and signs. It’s awesome.”

Andrew Darnell '13, who also works as a D.J. on campus, said he was really impressed that Brandeis is one of the six finalists.

“I guess it’s just a testament to our spirit,” said Darnell.  “I think we have way more than people give us credit for, and I think a win would bring Brandeis national recognition and make other kids realize what a great university we have here.”

Jamele Adams, associate dean of student life, said, "Brandeis being recognized is not only good, but a glimpse into the beauty and brilliance that feeds positive energy, justice, enjoyment and love to the bright future of the human family. Recognizing Brandeis brings people together."

Harry Kaufer ’13 said he definitely thinks Brandeis has the most school spirit among the six finalists.

“I just hope we can properly convey that,” Kaufer said. “One of the things that makes Brandeis so special is that everyone is truly committed to making the school a better place. With only 3,500 undergrads, at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the students that counts more than the number of them.”

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