By Appointment

We do not have regular office hours. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  When you contact us about setting up a time to meet we will make every effort to respond to you within 24-hours.

Contact Us

Don Greenstein

781-736-2265 ext 1*

Cathy Burack

781-736-2265 Ext. 3*

Elena Lewis

781-736-2265 Ext. 2*

Please e-mail or call the contact information above to schedule a visit.

*Please be aware that email is not a recommended method of conveying confidential informationConfidentiality cannot be promised in matters relating to threats to public safety or when there is imminent risk of serious harm.  Speaking with an Ombuds does not constitute legal notice to the University of any problem, concern or complaint. You must pursue alternative reporting avenues if you wish to make a formal complaint to the university.