Mathematics Requirements

Students can satisfy the mathematics requirement by taking any one of the following Brandeis courses:

Biology: BIOL 51a, BIOL 135b

Economics: ECON 83a, ECON 184b

Computer Science: COSI 30a, COSI 123a, COSI 134a, COSI 190a

Linguistics: LING 130, LING 160

Math: All Math courses including Brandeis credit for Calculus AB or BC
(Excluding:  MATH 1a, MATH 3a, and MATH 5a)   

Neuroscience: NBIO 136b

Philosophy: PHIL 6a,  PHIL 106b

Physics: PHYS 110a

Psychology: PSYC 51a

2015 Selection Stipulations


New Language and Mathematics Requirements

The Phi Beta Kappa National Society has issued new selection stipulations to be implemented by January of 2015.  The new stipulations differ from the current selection criteria in that there will now be both a language requirement and a mathematics requirement.  Specifically, the new stipulations require “a  knowledge of a second or non-native language at least minimally appropriate for a liberal education. In no case shall this mean less than the completion of the intermediate college level in a second, or non-native, language, or its equivalent.”  The mathematics requirement specifies “The candidate's undergraduate record shall include at least one course in college-level mathematics, logic, or statistics, with content appropriate to a liberal arts and sciences curriculum. The course should introduce the student to mathematical ideas, abstract thinking, proofs, and the axiomatic method.”

The new Language and Mathematics Requirements will apply to students eligible for Phi Beta Kappa in the spring of 2015 or later and does not apply to students eligible this year (2013) or next (2014).

Language Requirement: As the PBK stipulations coincide with the Brandeis language requirement, all Brandeis students who have completed this requirement will be deemed to have satisfied this part of the PBK requirement.