Apply for a Precollege Program

Application Process

In order to apply, click the Apply Now link below.  Students will be prompted to Create an Account by entering their e-mail address, name and birthdate. Once complete, students will receive an e-mail from Brandeis Admissions with a temporary PIN enclosed. Simply enter your PIN and birthdate when prompted, and you will be directed to the Application Management page. Here you can Start New Application to begin your application to a Precollege Program.

Be advised that the Precollege Program application will prompt students to submit student and parent/guardian contact information (name, e-mail, mailing address, etc.) student academic information (high school GPA and GPA scale) as well as two essay responses in order to complete the application process. Students applying to BIMA will be asked to submit an art portfolio. Be sure to remember your login and password - you can save your application at any time and log back in to make edits before submitting. Don't worry about your temporary PIN, you won't need it once you've created your account. 


Nomination Process

Precollege Programs accepts nominations from educators and guidance counselors of exceptional teens.

Nominated students must be rising high school juniors and seniors and have an academic record that places them among the top students nationwide. Nominees will typically rank in the top 10% of their high school class with challenging courses and strong academic performance.

Spaces are limited and nominees must accept their nomination in order to be admitted to the program. Once nominations are reviewed, nominees will receive an email with instructions on how to accept their nomination and next steps.


Accepting a Nomination

Congratulations on being nominated to Precollege Program! You were nominated by an educator or guidance counselor in your community based on your exceptional academic achievements and leadership potential. After being nominated, students will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the name of the person who submitted the nomination, as well as a link to the Nomination Application form, which is an abbreviated version of our regular application.

On the nomination application, you will be asked to submit student and parent/guardian contact information (name, e-mail, mailing address, etc.) and student academic information (high school GPA and GPA scale)) in order to complete the nomination acceptance process. You do not have to complete essay responses. 

Invitation Process

Congratulations on being invited to apply to a Precollege Program! Precollege Programs extend invitations to select students based on information we receive through national surveys and standardized tests. To move forward with the process, please fill out the application.


June 4
Enrollment forms and deposit due.
June 4
Applications are viewed on a rolling basis until spaces are filled