YLS Dialogue Series

A man speaks on the screen during a webinar

On behalf of Brandeis' Precollege Programs and the Schusterman Center on Israel Studies, Young Leaders Seminar alumni and prospective students are invited to join our inaugural YLS 2017 Dialogue Series. The purpose of the series is to continue the conversations from last year's seminar and dive deeper into the State of Israel. Tune in to learn from current Brandeis graduate students as they share their experiences, insight and expertise that will help students gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of Israel.

All Dialogues are held via webinar.

Chen Arad, MA/MBA

Speaker: Chen Arad, MA/MBA

Topic: "Media and Democracy in Israel"

Chen Arad, originally from Hod HaSharon, Israel, is Subscriptions Marketing Manager in North America and a regular blogger for the Israeli daily Haaretz. Formerly, Chen served for three years as an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Foreign Press Spokesman, worked as a news editor for the popular Israeli website ynet, and ran a fundraising campaign for the Israel Cancer Association. Chen is a recent graduate of Brandeis University (2015) where he was a recipient of the Malkin Israeli Endowed Scholarship for Jewish-Arab coexistence and the relationship between Jews in Israel and the United States. His academic focuses were American History, East Asian Studies and Politics. While at Brandeis, he co-founded Brandeis Visions for Israel in an Evolving World (bVIEW), a student-run grassroots movement and conference seeking to create a more constructive discourse regarding Israel on American college campuses. Chen is deeply passionate about promoting Holocaust awareness among non-Jews, and has worked with the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Center.

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Amber Taylor, PhD Candidate

Speaker: Amber Taylor

Topic: "American Christian Engagement with Israel"

Amber Taylor is a PhD candidate in the the department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and a Schusterman Fellow at Brandeis University. She is currently writing her dissertation, which examines the relationship between American Christianity and the State of Israel through the lens of the presence of the Mormon Church in Israel, and their efforts to construct a study and worship center in Jerusalem. Prior to her doctoral work, Amber taught in secondary education, and then completed a Master's degree at Brandeis in 2012. In 2013-2014, she co-directed the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Seminar at Boston College's Christian-Jewish Learning Center, and she has taught and assisted in various courses related to Israeli history and society at Brandeis. She currently teaches a course entitled, "Divided Society, Divided Identity: Exploring the Experience of Minorities in Israel."

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