2016 - Past Student Initiative Opportunities

Spring 2016

The CAST minor invites Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students to apply for the following opportunities:

Membership in a dissemination team for the award-winning documentary film "Acting Together on the World Stage: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict"


Download the full opportunity description.

The documentary is designed for students, practitioners, educators and policymakers in fields related to performance and to peacebuilding. It documents performances that contribute to non-violent resistance, re-humanization of former adversaries, and reconciliation in the aftermath of violence, by telling the stories of creative and courageous artists and cultural leaders from New Orleans in the U.S. as well as from Argentina, Serbia, Uganda, Australia and Cambodia. The film is in English, and available with sub-titles in Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Tamil, Sinhala and Japanese. It is accompanied by a toolkit of video and print training resources.

Membership in the dissemination team requires attendance at an intensive preparatory workshop on Sunday, April 13th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (brunch provided), and two follow-up sessions to be scheduled before the end of the semester. The April 13th session will be co-led by CAST staff members Jenn Largaespada ’16 and Brontë Velez, ’16, as well as the African-American musician and cultural worker Jane Wilburn Sapp, and director of Brandeis’ Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, Cindy Cohen.

Students who participate in the intensive workshop will receive their own copy of the Acting Together documentary and toolkit. A condition of membership is a commitment to coordinate, by the end of September, 2016, a screening of the film and lead a discussion – on the Brandeis campus; for audiences in other educational institutions including high schools, colleges and universities; in collaboration for community theatres and activist organizations; at conferences related to topics in performance, arts, cultural work, social justice, peacebuilding, social change. Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply to participate in this unique opportunity. Details for applications are below.

Participants in the dissemination team who successfully complete the intensive training, screening and discussion facilitation of a discussion will be eligible to apply for support for an Acting Together outreach initiative of their own design.

Learn more about the "Acting Together on the World Stage" documentary and preview the film.

To apply to participate in the dissemination team, send an email to coexistence@brandeis.edu responding to these questions:

  1. Why are you interested in coordinating and hosting a screening of Acting Together on the World Stage? (one paragraph)
  2. For what groups, on- or off-campus, would you like to host a screening, and why?
  3. What issues or themes would you want to see highlighted in discussion? (one paragraph)
  4. How do you connect – as a student, activist, artist, citizen – to performance and the creative transformation of conflict? Why do you see this as an important topic to explore? (one paragraph)
  5. Through what activities, courses, activist or creative work have you explored arts and social transformation to this point? (submit a list including dates)
  6. What member of the Brandeis faculty or staff could serve as a reference?

Download the full opportunity description.