Global Community Engagement

Illustration of a bird with wings spread. Words in a cirlce around it say "Global Community Engagement - Brandeis University - COMPACTMission

To be a locus of learning, inspiration, connection, creativity and support for Brandeis students, faculty and staff, and global community partners, all focused on collaborating to address complex 21st-century challenges in compelling, ethical and innovative ways.

To us, “global” refers to the entire planet, incorporating lands far away, such as Western Sahara or Wales, and close by, such as Worcester or Waltham, Massachusetts, and encompassing human communities and the animal and natural worlds with which they are interdependent. The Global Community Engagement pillar of COMPACT, while prioritizing the preparation and support of members of the Brandeis family related to work undertaken with international partners, recognizes the vital interconnectedness of the domestic and the international, and benefits from nurturing those ties. Global Community Engagement is a two-way street: How do faculty, students, staff and Brandeis as an institution go into the world, and how do we welcome the world into our campus community?


Guiding Principles

We value the following as we design and undertake our work. 

We have adapted (and added to) principles outlined by Indiana University’s “Community Engagement in Global Learning” program.

Shared Authority Between Community and University Collaborators

Ethical collaboration always includes shared responsibility and authority regarding the development of program goals and decisions regarding approaches and activities. It also includes the addressing of potential pitfalls of engagement across communities when there are disparities in power and affluence.

Respect for Diverse Sources of Knowledge, including Local Expertise

All programs should value a mutuality of learning and demonstrate a respect for the knowledge and expertise of members of the participating community, with decisions around allocation of leadership being cooperative and distributive.

Sustainability and Continuity

Every effort should be taken to ensure the sustainability and continuity of programs with community partners when desired by collaborators.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Accommodations and resources must be available so that individuals of all abilities and financial means can participate.

Reflection and Accountability/Assessment and Learning

It is critical that participants reflect (in various media) on their global community engagement experience(s) so as to foster learning, accountability, and growth. Assessment for impact, including for mitigation of any potential risks of harm, will be ongoing.