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Please visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website or email Professor Yu Feng, Director of Graduate Studies, at yfeng@brandeis.edu.

For information about visas/I-20s, please visit Brandeis' International Students and Scholars Office.

For a comparison of the MTCC vs. the MAT in Secondary Education (Chinese), please use this chart.


Teaching Chinese

Read more about the MTCC program and its unique approach to teaching Chinese to college/university students.

Our Unique Program

Equipped with a foreign master’s degree in teaching Chinese and Brandeis’ master’s degree in teaching Chinese, students will be better able to position themselves for success in the American academic job market. Brandeis University’s one-year Master of Arts Program in Teaching Chinese at the college level (MTCC) prepares students to be instructors of Chinese language and culture at colleges or other institutions that offer Chinese-medium content courses.

Ideally, students in our program have:

  • Obtained a foreign master’s degree in either teaching Chinese as a foreign language or in overseas Chinese language teaching (while at Brandeis, students will be pursuing their second master’s degree)
  • Skills in some of the following: second language acquisition, testing, language teaching, course design and pedagogy, applied (Chinese) linguistics, and/or Chinese literature
  • Experience teaching American students (through programs such as Harvard Beijing Academy, Princeton in Beijing program, Columbia in Beijing program, Columbia in Shanghai program, Duke in Beijing program, ACC program, CET program, or Alliance program)
  • Competitive scores on the TOEFL or IELTS

 The one-year M.A. Program in Teaching Chinese at the college level (MTCC) provides:

  • Instruction in class design, theory, and practice for effective teaching of Chinese language and culture for American learners
  • Training in pedagogy, allowing students to successfully teach Chinese language, society, and culture courses of various levels, including computerized and internet-based instruction
  • Chinese language teaching experience under the tutelage of renowned faculty within and outside campus

We encourage you to learn more about Brandeis' Master of Arts Program in Teaching Chinese at the college level, located just outside of historic Boston, Massachusetts with renowned academic resources and coveted career opportunities.

Learn more about Brandeis, Boston, and the benefits of our program.