The MAT in Secondary Education (Chinese) and the MA in Teaching Chinese (College Level) are two distinct graduate degrees offered through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in the disciplines of teaching Chinese. Please use the chart below to decide what program is most appropriate for you.

MAT in Secondary Education (Chinese)

MA in Teaching Chinese (College Level)

Career Objective To become a middle or high school Chinese teacher, primarily in the United States To become a Chinese instructor in an American university/college; some students may want to gain entry to PhD programs
Starting Semester Summer (June) Fall (late August)
Program Length One calendar year (summer, fall, spring, summer) One academic year (fall, spring)
Teaching Practicum During the Program Students will practice teach in a local middle or high school Chinese classroom Students will practice teach in a Brandeis University classroom for an undergraduate (bachelor's) level Chinese class
Chinese Proficiency Required Near-native or fluent speaker but may be influenced by local dialects Well educated native speaker (superior)
Degrees Required Prior to Enrollment Undergraduate (bachelor's) major or minor concentration in Chinese A master's in Chinese as foreign language, primarily from a Chinese university/college (typically a three-year degree in China); the MA in Teaching Chinese will be a student's second master's degree
Teaching Experience Required Prior to Enrollment Not needed Prior experience teaching American students (preferably in college/university setting)
Knowledge of the Chinese Language Needed Little Medium to strong
Knowledge of General Linguistics Needed No or little Strong but learned in Chinese
Knowledge of Chinese Culture Needed Little Academic knowledge
Knowledge of American Culture Needed Good Know big picture but little about everyday life
Knowledge of Classical Chinese Needed Little Some
Knowledge of Chinese Literature Needed Depends on individual interests Some
Research Achievement Needed Not needed Completed Thesis