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Course Offerings spring 2017

Please see for complete listings of our spring 2017 classes as well as electives that may be used to satisfy COML requirements.

image of poster for coml 100
COML 100A Introduction to Global Literature

(1) T,Th 2:00–3:20, Fraleigh
Core course for COML major and minor.
What is common and what is different in literatures of different cultures and times? How do literary ideas move from one culture to another? In this course students read theoretical texts, as well as literary works from around the world.

image of poster for coml 133
COML 133B The Novel and the City

(1) M,W,Th 1:00–1:50, Reed
Special one-time offering, spring 2017.
The rise of the novel and the rise of the modern city go hand in hand. In this course, we will inquire into the nature of the relationship between two modern forms of world-making.

image of poster for COML 150 spring 2017
COML 150B Critique of Erotic Reason

(1) M,W 2:00–3:20, Dowden
Explores transformations in erotic sensibilities in the novel from the early nineteenth century to the present. Works by Goethe, Austen, Kierkegaard, Tolstoy, Schopenhauer, Bronte, Chekhov, Garcia-Marquez, Kundera, and Cormac McCarthy.

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