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Course Offerings

The Registrar's site lists the most up-to-date information about our courses. Fall 2014 courses that may be used to satisfy COML requirements are on-line now. Please follow the link below.

Fall 2014 COML classes

Here are two exciting Comparative Literature and Culture courses that were offered in spring 2014. COML 100a will be offered again in spring 2015:

COML 100a—Comparing Literatures and Cultures: Theory and Practice 
Professor Harleen Singh, with guest modules of 2 weeks each by Professors Sue Lanser, Steve Dowden, David Powelstock, and Michael Randall
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 PM–4:50 PM
What is common and what is different in literatures of different cultures and times? How do literary ideas move from one culture to another? In this course students read theoretical texts, as well as literary works from around the world. Core course for COML major and minor.

Poster for COML 100

COML/THA 139b—Enclosures: Contemporary Fictions and Imagined Spaces
Professors Cameron Anderson (THA) and James Mandrell (ROMS)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 PM–3:20 PM
How do literary descriptions of enclosures—real or metaphorical—act on our imaginations? How can these descriptions be translated, reinterpreted, and/or recreated in visual form? What is our relationship to different forms of enclosure—physical, moral, social, cultural—and how can we represent that verbally and visually?  These are the types of questions that we will take up in a variety of contexts as we consider literary and metaphorical enclosures and the way they can be interpreted and translated into different kinds of visual spaces.  Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to write critically and to create verbally and visually.

poster for COML-THA 139 Enclosures: Contemporary Fictions and Imagined Spaces

For complete descriptions of Comparative Literature and Culture courses, please see the current Bulletin here.