For More Information

For further information about these programs, contact the following HOID Board members:

David Engerman (History)

Richard Gaskins (Legal Studies)

Caren Irr (English)

Robin Feuer Miller (GRALL)

Kate Moran (Philosophy)

John Plotz (English)

David Powelstock (GRALL)

Chandler Rosenberger (IGS)

Eugene Sheppard (NEJS)

David Sherman (English)

Bernie Yack (Politics)

Available Funds

The History of Ideas Program invites applications for funds.

If you are interested in applying for any of these funds, submit your proposal for an event, your senior thesis student's funding proposal or your course idea to our Program Coordinator Julie Seeger.

  • Visiting Lecturers and Faculty Colloquia (up to $1,500)
    Each year we plan to organize a series of interdisciplinary events around a broad theme.
  • Senior Thesis Grants (up to $500)
    We're looking to support interesting projects related to the history of ideas in any field: arts, sciences, humanities or social sciences.  Students receiving grants will present their project at an end of year colloquium. For more information, see here.
  • Senior Thesis Prize (around $500)
    The recipient will be chosen from all theses submitted, not just from among the recipients of research awards.
  • Research Support for New History of Ideas Courses ($1,000)
    We're seeking to generate new and interesting courses with an interdisciplinary focus on the historical study of human thought and culture.