Students interested in the History of Ideas Program should contact undergraduate advising head Eugene Sheppard to declare a minor.

The following Fall 2016 seminars are cross-listed with the History of Ideas:

Core Seminar:

SOC 162A   Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics – Chandler Rosenberger


AAAS 135A   Race, Sex and Colonialism – Carina Ray

AAAS 168B   The Black Intellectual Tradition -- Chad Williams

AAAS/ENG 141B     Critical Race Theory – Alliyah Abdur-Rahman

CLAS 135A    The Silk Road: China Looks West; the Mediterranean Looks East – Andrew Koh

CLAS 149B    Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: Global Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean – Anddrew Koh

COML/ENG 149A    Hell, the Poetry – Laura Quinney          

ECS 100A       European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Modernism -- Stephen Dowden

ENG 57B       Writing Across the Nation: Baldwin, Roth and Morrison     -- Aliyyah  Abdur-Rahman

ENG 115B     Fictions of Liberty: Europe in a Revolutionary Age — Jennifer Reed

HIST 181B     Red Flags/Black Flags: Marxism vs. Anarchism, 1845-1968 – Mark Hulliung     

HIST 196A     American Political Thought: From the 1950s to the Present – Mark Hulliung

HUM/UWS 1A         Tragedy: Love and Death in the Creative Imagination --     John Burt and Stephen Dowden (*Instructors’ signature required)

JAPN 145A    The World of Classical Japanese Literature -- Steven Hanna

MUS 1A         Exploring Western Music --  Richard Beaudoin

MUS 56B       Romanticism in Music: Breakdowns, Breakups and Beauty – Richard Beaudoin

NEJS 140A     Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages – Jonathan Decter

NEJS 155B     Jewish Law and Ethics – Yehudah Mirsky

NEJS 159A     Modern Jewish Philosophy – Eugene Sheppard

NEJS 191B     The World to Come: Jewish Messianism from Antiquity to Zionism – Yehudah Mirsky

PHIL 21A      Environmental Ethics -- Ben Sherman

PHIL 122A     History of Ethics – Robert Greenberg

POL 116B      Civil Liberties in America – Jeffrey Lenowitz

POL 192B      Topics in Law and Political Theory: Legal Theory – Jeffrey Lenowitz

RECS 100A    Russian Soul: Masterworks of Modern Russian Culture – David Powelstock