Declare a Minor

Students interested in the History of Ideas Program should contact undergraduate advising head Kate Moran to declare a minor.


Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the program will receive a certificate in the history of ideas; their participation will be listed on their university transcripts.

In order to declare a minor, students should meet with the undergraduate advising head of the history of ideas program, who will help them to plan a course of study tailored to their intellectual needs while meeting core and elective requirements.

The Details

A. History of ideas seminars. Two to three such seminars will be offered each year. Topics and faculty for the seminars will change each year. The following seminars will be offered in the Fall of 2017:

  • PHIL 127A Lying and Deception (Jens Timmermann) (syllabus) -- Fall 2017
  • PHIL 167A Hegel_ Self-Consciousness and Freedom in the Phenomenology of Spirit (Eugene Sheppard) (syllabus) -- Fall 2017

B. Three courses selected in consultation with the HOID undergraduate advisor, at least two of which will be taken in departments or programs beyond the student's major(s). Students will be encouraged to pursue different methodological approaches to the history of ideas in addition to exploring courses that emphasize different periods and regions. Only one course from a student's major -- or one from each major, in the case of double majors--may be counted toward the total of five courses required for the minor. See the list of courses currently cross-listed with the History of Ideas Program for Fall 2017 here.

C. Students will present a substantial research paper or project to HOID faculty and students at a spring colloquium. This paper or project may develop out of work done in a history of ideas seminar. But it can also be drawn from independent research, such as a senior thesis or independent study, or from other work that students have done since coming to Brandeis. The colloquium is designed to give students the opportunity to engage with each other about their creative work at Brandeis.