Spring 2016 Courses in Hindi Language Instruction

HINDI 20B: Continuing Hindi
Professor Renu Tewarie
M,T,W,Th 1:00 PM–1:50 PM

Prerequisite: HINDI 10a or the equivalent. Four class hours per week.

A continuation of HINDI 10a. Introduces the student to the Hindi language with instruction in script, grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary. Usually offered every year.


The South Asian Studies Program offers courses in a range of disciplines. See the Spring 2016 Schedule of Classes for additional details.

Spring 2016 Courses

SAS Core Elective

SAS 150B: Indian Film: The Three-Hour Dream
[ hum nw ]
Professor Harleen Singh
Block W - M,W 6:30 PM–7:50 PM

A study of Hindi films made in India since 1947 with a few notable exceptions from regional film, as well as some recent films made in English. Students will read Hindi films as texts/narratives of the nation to probe the occurrence of cultural, religious, historical, political, and social themes. Usually offered every third year.

Core Electives from Other Departments/Programs

ENG 162B: Narratives of Disability in South Asia
[ hum nw ]
Professor Roanne Kantor
Block J - T,F 12:30 PM–1:50 PM

Explores literary and filmic narratives about disability in India and Pakistan. In conjunction with secondary literature that contextualizes the experience of living with disability and its representation in aesthetic forms, and the particular disabling effects of social and historical realities of South Asia. Special one-time offering, spring 2016.

FA 73B: Arts of South Asia
[ ca nw ]
Professor Cecelia Levin
Block M - M,W 5:00 PM–6:20 PM

Spanning the art of the Indian subcontinent from the earliest archaeological evidence through contemporary times, this survey explores how religious beliefs and rituals, ideals of royal authority, and societal roles were fulfilled by the development of a "synchronicity" between the visual arts and other creative art forms. Special one-time offering, spring 2016.

HIST 66A: History of South Asia (2500 BCE - 1971)
[ nw ss ]
Professor Avinash Singh
Block V - T,Th 5:00 PM–6:20 PM

Introduces South Asian history from the earliest civilizations to the independence of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Surveys the formation of religious traditions, the establishment of kingdoms and empires, colonialism and its consequences, and post-independence political and economic development. Usually offered every second year.