Fall 2015 Courses in Hindi Language Instruction

HINDI 10A: Beginning Hindi
Renu Tewarie
M,T,W,Th 1:00 PM–1:50 PM

Four class hours per week.

Introduces the student to the Hindi language with instruction in script, grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary. Usually offered every year.


The South Asian Studies Program offers courses in a range of disciplines. See the Fall 2015 Schedule of Classes for course times and locations.

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Fall 2015 Courses

SAS Core Course

SAS 100A: India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia
Harleen Singh

An exploration of the history, societies, cultures, religions, and literature of South Asia--India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Uses perspectives from history, anthropology, literature, and film to examine past and contemporary life in South Asia. Usually offered every year.

Core Electives from Other Departments/Programs

ENG 22A: Filmi Fictions: From Page to Screen in India
Roanne Kantor

[ hum nw ] An introduction to filmic adaptations of Indian novels from Bollywood, Indian art cinema, and Hollywood. Readings include novels as well as theoretical approaches to adaptation. Films include Slumdog Millionaire, Pather Panchali, Devdas, Guide, Umrao Jaan, and others. Usually offered every third year.

Additional SAS Elective Courses (requiring a paper and prior approval from the SAS UAH)

ECON 176A: The Household, Health, and Hunger in Developing Countries
Nidhiya Menon

Prerequisites: ECON 80a and ECON 184b or permission of the instructor. ECON 175a is recommended. Primarily recommended for juniors and seniors.

Examines aspects of poverty and nutrition that are confronted by households in low-income countries. Examines these issues primarily from a microeconomic perspective, although some macroeconomic angles are explored as well. Usually offered every second year.

ENG 77B: Literatures of Global English
Roanne Kantor

[ hum nw ] Survey of world Anglophone literatures with attention to writers' literary responses to aspects of English as a global language with a colonial history. Focus on Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Caribbean, North America. Writers may include Rushdie, Coetzee, Kincaid, Atwood, Anzaldua. Usually offered every third year.

HSSP 102A: Global Perspectives on Health
Alice Noble

A primer on major issues in health care in developing nations. Topics include the natural history of disease and levels of prevention; epidemiological transitions; health disparities; and determinants of health including culture, social context, and behavior. Also covers: infectious and chronic disease incidence and prevalence; the role of nutrition, education, reproductive trends, and poverty; demographic transition including aging and urbanization; the structure and financing of health systems; and the globalization of health. Usually offered every year.