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Learn more about Massachusetts EMT training requirements.

Continuing Education

Active BEMCo members are required to attend a minimum of three continuing education (CE) classes each semester.

 Examples of CE classes we hold include:

-Call Review

-Pediatric Emergencies

-Drug/Alcohol Intoxication

-Verbal Communication 


-Infection Control

-Gynecological Emergencies

-Gunshot Wounds and other Traumatic Injuries

...and many others. If you would like to teach a CE class, contact the Training Officer.

How to join BEMCo

If you are not an EMT

To be an active member of BEMCo, you must be a Massachusetts-certified EMT.

BEMCo offers an EMT-basic class every spring. The class is held on campus during the evening and is approximately 18 hrs per week. BEMCo offers two scholarships per year to aspiring EMT students.

You may also take an EMT-basic class over the summer or during the semester at a local college/training facility.

If you would like more information about the paperwork you will have to complete, the EMT class on campus or if you have any other questions, contact us.