Staff and Organization

EMTs sitting on top of a EMT vehicleBEMCo’s organizational structure and operation follow the provisions of BEMCo’s constitution and operating rules. Charged with maintaining BEMCo’s high level of service to the Brandeis community, the six elected members of BEMCo’s Executive Board (E-Board) are responsible for organizational oversight, personnel management, and day-to-day operations. Three supervisors oversee medical scene management and perform weekly quality assurance and continued quality improvement sessions with our medical director, Dr. Colleen Collins.


The approximately 80 (50 active) student members of the corps are all Massachusetts-certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). The minimum training for an EMT involves a 130-hour contact course, practical experience, and a state examination. BEMCo provides additional training to prepare members to handle the kinds of emergencies that are common on campus and maintain proficiency.

On-Duty Crew

The standard on-duty crew comprises four EMTs with specific roles: The Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Supervisor. A promotions board oversees the rank advancement of BEMCo members.