The website redesign is a work in motion. See what progress we have made.

January 2018
Web team 25% complete with phase 2 sites.
October Phase 1 complete. Template testing and fixes continue. Web team began migrating phase 2 sites.
May New GSAS site launches.
March Web team began migrating phase 1 sites. Template testing and fixes continue.
February New university home page and landing pages launch. New Rose Art Museum site launches. 
January 2017 CMS multi-day downtime to make system enhancements that are critical to the website redesign project.
December Ongoing testing of CMS enhancements and migration of content. Web team prepares homepage and landing pages for launch.
November Template testing and fixes continue. Content development continues.
October Web team began review and testing of templates in the CMS.
September Web team began pre-migration discussions with phase 1 site owners.
August Hannon Hill began building templates in CMS. Migration phases finalized and announced.
July HTML delivered to Hannon Hill. Defined functional requirements.
June Selected Hannon Hill as implementation vendor. Finalized HTML in preparation for implementation. 
May Reviewed and tested HTML for full template suite. Reviewed proposals from implementation vendors.
April Finalized designs for full template suite. Began HTML development. Wrote and issued implementation RFP.
March Reviewed initial designs for remaining templates based on selected concept. Delivered feedback to design team.
February Selected university homepage concept with revealed navigation based on survey results. Requested design edits suggested in community feedback. Design of remaining templates began.
January 2016 Distributed concept testing survey to all students, faculty and staff. Began review of concept testing report and community comments.
December Finalized design concepts. Prepared concept testing survey for campus distribution.
November Concepts shared with discovery session participants. Concept testing survey reviewed. Feedback for survey delivered.
October Revisions made to design concepts. Began preparations for concept testing. Continued content prototype development.
September Initial design concepts for two templates reviewed. Feedback for concept revisions delivered. Began research and testing for site migrations.
August SEO Report reviewed and approved. Content models developed.
July Strategy Report reviewed and approved. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report delivered and under review.
June On-campus discovery sessions with campus stakeholders
April mStoner selected as strategy and design partner
February-March Potential redesign partners gave on-campus presentations
January 2015 Proposals from potential redesign partners received; invitations extended for on-campus presentations
December Request for Proposals issued (strategy and design)
Fall 2014 Web team began website redesign process; developed template survey for web editors; analyzed survey results and gathered other template requirements; drafted Request for Proposals