Brandeis University is committed to providing information on the web that is available to all people, regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. With that in mind, we have developed tools and resources to help you make your content accessible.

Online Workshops

Making Digital Materials Accessible - online course
  • MS Word doc accessibility
  • Digital Accessibility 101 - basic concepts and accessibility in the CMS

An asynchronous option for learning about digital accessibility on LATTE:

  • available to anyone with a Brandeis UNET login
  • minimal video content to help with reduced ISP bandwidth
  • units for faculty, web editors and document creators
  • units that count towards mandatory workshop credit

Create a Digital Accessibility Ticket

As always, feel free to send a ticket to the digital accessibility help desk.

Understanding Web Accessibility

Accessibility is a civil right and federal law. Learn more about the importance of web accessibility at Brandeis.

Create Accessible Content

Learn how to make various types of content accessible that can be used on the web or shared electronically.

Web Accessibility Training

Brandeis strives to educate faculty, staff and students about the importance of web accessibility and provides accessibility training on a variety of topics.

Request Web Accessibility Assistance

Contact us or report an issue with web accessibility.