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ChaeRan Freeze (on leave spring 2015)
(Near Eastern and Judaic Studies)

Courses of Instruction

(1-99) Primarily for Undergraduate Students

KOR 20b Continuing Korean
Prerequisite: KOR 10a or the equivalent. Four class hours per week.
Offers intensive training in intermediate Korean grammar, listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students acquire Korean language proficiency through various interactive classroom activities, workbook, audio, and computer-assisted exercises. Special one-time offering, spring 2014.
Mr. Hong

KOR 29b Pathways for Korean Literacy or Korean Language for Korean Speakers
Prepares heritage language students to achieve the advanced level on the ACTFL proficiency scale, with the aim of passing the Korean language exemption exam. Topics include colloquial and written style, speech in formal and casual settings, practice in translation and advanced reading. Usually offered every second year.
Ms. Jeong