Scholar Research

Brandeis Science Posse Scholars regularly present their research at undergraduate research forums. Below is a selection of recent presentations.

Rachel Odusanya

il1beta upregulates TAAR1 and downregulates EAAT2 in the context of HAND

Elon R. Mathieson

Taste Experience Enhances Conditioned Taste Aversion Regardless of Palatability

Edwin Faican

Optimization of a Granular Structure

Jose Vargas

Determining the Polarization Impurity of the Jansky VLA

Jodecy Colon

Measuring Chemical Interactions using the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

Hirvelt Megie 

Evidence for increasing spontaneous and evoked activity in developing neural circuits 

Adam Jones

Characterization of gene expression in single evening cells in Drosophila