The Architecture of Implementation

The central idea of Brandeis as an excellent small research university with liberal arts at its core is affirmed in the first six strategic goals of Fulfilling the Promise.

Provost Steve Goldstein will continue to provide overall leadership to strategic activities as we move into implementation and monitoring. Anita Hill, senior advisor to the provost, will work with the provost to organize and coordinate the ongoing process of implementation. Provost staff and advisors Kim Godsoe, Dan Perlman, Irving Epstein and Robin Feuer Miller, with the senior vice presidents for finance, enrollment, facilities and development will oversee the execution of specific actions and objectives.  

The objectives of goals one through six will be implemented through working groups made up of staff and faculty from all divisions of Arts and Sciences, IBS and Heller.   

As with the planning, implementation of Fulfilling the Promise will engage the input of all members of the Brandeis community in the implementation process and activities.

Our Highest Ambitions

We are committed to excellence, but we aspire to greatness.

Fulfilling the Promise’s Six Transformational Initiatives define areas in which we seek to reach preeminence. We recognize that our ambitions require significant resources, which can only be acquired through the support of donors and friends.

The Transformational Initiatives outline:

  • Thoughtful, yet, robust investments in the people who make Brandeis University the exceptional university that it is today
  • The creation of a 21st Century Intellectual Commons, with spaces both real and virtual that serve as the locus for lectures, colloquia, and discussions that constitute our common discourse
  • New visions for integrated arts that capture the spirit of our campus, and contribute to the community and the world
  • Renewed emphasis on cutting-edge interdisciplinary science that can change the world
  • Strategic expansion of our commitment to be a global participant in business and social policy education
  • Inspired facilities and technology that will give life to all of our highest ambitions

Realization of these grand-scale ideas, rooted in the strengths and special character of Brandeis and worthy of philanthropic support will enable us to surpass excellence and Fulfill the Promise of greatness. Some of this work is already in place, others will accrue over time.

Decisions and actions related to realizing the Brandeis University Strategic Plan will be conducted in accordance with campus governance and coordinated with University leadership bodies.