Oct. 2011 to Jan. 2012

Collect Information – Internal and External
Initiate Multi-Constituency Engagement
Launch Strategic Planning Committee

Jan. to Feb. 2012

Confirm Mission and Values / Core Strengths / Challenges / Opportunities / Aspirations

Jan. to April 2012

Explore Strategic Questions
Propose Vision and Emerging Priority Areas
Launch Subgroups and Financial Planning Task Force

April to June 2012

Develop Preliminary Five-Year Framework
Propose Strategic Priorities and Initiatives
Consider recommendations of subgroups and Financial Task Force
Produce Preliminary Planning Document

June to Aug. 2012

The task forces will continue to meet throughout the summer months and will prepare preliminary reports by Aug. 10. Some task forces will continue to work into the fall.
Continue to Refine Plan/Discuss Resource Implications
Further Develop Financial Strategy
Propose Time-Related Milestones
Ensure Appropriate Linkage of Plan to Capital Campaign

Sept. to Dec. 2012

The SPSC will meet Sept. 5-6 to review and discuss the work of the task forces
A high-level framework will be ready for input and feedback from the entire Brandeis community by early- to mid-October
A plan will be developed by January

Jan. 2013

Confirmation of the plan by campus constituencies and the Board of Trustees is scheduled for the end of January 2013