Division of Student Life & Success

The Dean of Students Office serves the needs and interests of students and has broad responsibility for the services and activities that enhance the quality of student life outside the classroom.

Academic Integrity

The Department of Academic Integrity works with students and faculty to address and clarify academic integrity expectations in and out of the classroom. The department performs educational outreach to faculty, staff, and students, adjudicates inappropriate student behavior, creates and edits policies and procedures related to academic integrity policy, and offers training opportunities to student groups including the student conduct board.

Interfaith Chaplaincy

The Interfaith Chaplaincy is housed in Usdan Student Center 133. The university’s three houses of worship — the Berlin Chapel (Jewish), the Bethlehem Chapel (Catholic) and the Harlan Chapel (Protestant) — serve the Brandeis community under the operation of the Hillel Foundation, the Bethlehem Chapel Community and the Harlan Chapel Christian Community.

A Muslim prayer room and resource center is in the basement of the Usdan Student Center. Both traditional and innovative services are held regularly. The facility also hosts ceremonies such as weddings, christenings and confirmations.

Many clubs and organizations can be found on campus for those seeking information or fellowship. The Hillel Foundation, the Catholic Student Organization, the Brandeis Muslim Student Association and the Christian Fellowship all strive to meet the religious needs of the Brandeis community. For more information about specific services, please contact the Chaplaincy at (781) 736-3570.

Community Service

The Department of Community Service is dedicated to providing relevant volunteer experiences to students and the Greater Brandeis community that mirror the needs of the local community and align with skills and interests of the Brandeis volunteers. The department strives to establish sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with community governmental, educational, cultural and social-service agencies. They advise and support Community Service initiatives all of which are steered by students and in partnerships with local constituents. The department partners with centers, offices, and departments on campus to ensure that student's volunteer opportunities align with major selection, professional career paths, and personal passions. Our endeavors include fostering a community member who is civically engaged as an advocate, volunteer and educated citizen. We strive to embody the pillars of the university and core values of Student life and Success through experiential service opportunities, collaboration with the academy, assessment, training and leadership development as well as intentional reflection.

Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that aims to foster growth and awareness of the myriad cultures at Brandeis University. The center fosters a welcoming community where diverse experiences and perspectives are valued and dedication to the understanding of cultures and ethnicities is essential.

The Intercultural Center is devoted to cultural diversity programming; it offers a range of opportunities for engaging with the Brandeis community. The center is equipped with computers, printers, a conference room, kitchen, lobby and other resources for your use.


Orientation develops, advises, manages and evaluates all elements of the comprehensive New Student Orientation Program for both fall arrivals and the midyear students. The orientation program is designed, coordinated and implemented by an Orientation Core Committee of student leaders who are chosen through a selective process in the fall.

Community Living

The Department of Community Living is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the personal development and academic success of each student in the residential community through purposeful programs and services that complement the total educational experience at Brandeis University. To fulfill its responsibilities as an institution of higher learning, Brandeis seeks to provide an atmosphere where students can live, learn and mature under circumstances conducive to fostering self-respect, self-direction, social dignity and academic progress. Student-directed programs and services are developed within a holistic framework by a staff of 75 upperclass students. known as community advisers (CAs), as well as live-in professional staff (community development coordinators). The department's goal is to empower and develop leadership and respect for students, who will in turn influence the university community and beyond.

Student Activities

The Department of Student Activities is a major part of students' lives outside the classroom. The department's primary objectives are to provide social and educational events on and off campus; provide developmental opportunities for students to learn real-life skills through participation in planning committees or leadership programs; and work hand-in-hand with Brandeis' 260-plus student clubs and organizations.

The Shapiro Campus Center and Usdan Student Center are the focal points of social life on campus. Administratively driven and student-managed, the Shapiro Center houses more than 20 student organizations and five professional departments; Einstein Bros. Bagels; a 24-hour computer lab; and a state-of-the-art theater. Student Activities also supervises the game room and the student service bureau in the Usdan Student Center, and the student-run coffeehouse, Cholmondeley's, in Usen Castle.

Student Rights and Community Standards

Student Rights and Community Standards works with students to provide educational opportunities for personal growth and values clarification. The department performs educational outreach around the university's core values; deals with inappropriate student behavior in a fair and responsive manner; oversees alcohol and other drug education; and provides interpersonal communication, academic integrity and leadership development.