Our program prepares students to be instructors of Chinese language and culture at colleges or other institutions that offer Chinese-medium content courses. Below you will find a sampling of some of the positions held by MTCC students after graduation.

Class of 2017
  • Fu Qin
  • Haiqi Luo
  • Ying Ma
  • Xue Song
  • Ruoxi Zhou
Class of 2016
  • Jing Bi — Lecturer in Chinese, Brandeis University
  • Chenyu Duan — Chinese Language Teacher, Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Lizeng Huang — Chinese Instructor, Chinese Flagship Program, Western Kentucky University
  • Pei Huang — Chinese Language Teacher, GoEast! Language Center
  • Ning Liu — Lecturer in East Asian Studies, Princeton University
  • Yili Zhang — Visiting Instructor, Department of Humanities, Brigham Young University
Class of 2015
  • Gillian Boulay — Assistant Director, International Students and Scholars Office, Brandeis University
  • Yuxiao Long — Mandarin Teacher, Asian Studies Academy, Hartford Public Schools
  • Lijie Qin — Assistant Editor, Cheng & Tsui
Class of 2014
  • Xin Dong — Acquisition Editor, Cheng & Tsui
  • Kexin Jin — Teaching Assistant, Cambridge Centre for Chinese Culture
  • Qingyu Yang — Lecturer, Chinese Flagship Program, University of Rhode Island
  • Jin Yin — Lecturer of Chinese, Johns Hopkins University
  • Bingli Zhang — Mandarin Teacher, Medfield Public Schools